October 11, 2016
Handling & Storage
October 11, 2016



This page provides the basic information on the installation of SolarTuff®. Please read and follow the installation’s instruction carefully before starting.


  • Always install SolarTuff® sheets with Ultra Violet (UV) protected surface facing the sun.
  • Ensure that the UV side is identified before installation. A sticker indicating this is provided on each sheet of SolarTuff®.
  • Remove the sticker only after installation. It is not possible to determine the UV protected side once the sticker is removed.
  • Use only rust proof fasteners with domed weather proof seals

CAUTION: misplacing the UV side will void the warranty of the sheet.

Expansion Allowance

Pre-drilled the holes at the range of 2mm from the diameter of fasteners to allow thermal expansion during noon time and contraction during night time.

Roof Pitch

Minimum 5º roof pitch or 88mm rise per lineal metre is required to ensure sufficient rain water run off.


Length Overlap

Allow 200mm overlap for low pitch roof, and 150mm for steeper one.

Side Overlap



Overhang must not exceed 100mm, and should be maximum at 50mm in high wind areas.

Fixing Spacing

Fastening is best through the crest of the wave. Fix SolarTuff Roma and Greca on every second corrugation of each end purlins, and on each third corrugation of mid purlins.

Maximum Purlin Spacing

The following is the recommended the sheet’s radius of arched storage and installation.



Eave Infill Strip

Infill strip is recommended to be used on the end purlin to prevent water, wind, dust, insects entering from the eave.