October 11, 2016
October 11, 2016

Handling & Storage


The following procedures are recommended in the handling and storage of twinLite, twinLite X-3, Solarlite, Solite, SolarFlat, and SolarTuff sheets:

  1. These products should be transported horizontally, on a flat sturdy surface whose dimensions are equal to or larger than the sheets themselves. On the other hand, they could be transported in the form of circular sheet in accordance to its mininum radius. It is possible to stack the sheets with the longer sheets as the bottom and the shorter on top.

Figure 1: A flat and clean Truck’s surface – Transportation by Truck


Figure 2: DO NOT transport in roll form in less than ached storage recommended


  1. The sheet could be moved either using forklift or manual but always use forks as long as the sheet width. Shorter forks on a wider sheet may cause damage to the sheets. While moving the sheet (manually), do not scratch the sheet on the floor as it may damage to the sheet.

Figure 3: Move the sheet using a forklift


Figure 4: Moving the Sheet manually


  1. These products are packed before leaving the factory in package. The wrapping should be taken off as close to the actual time of installation as possible. Storage of the sheets should be well covered and ventilated, dry and away from direct sunlight and rain.
  2. Avoid leaving the sheets in the rain, even if they are still wrapped as water may condense inside the hollow core. Extended exposure to direct sunlight also may cause heat build-up, softening the protective film, fusing it the sheet face, thus making it difficult or impossible to remove.

Figure 5: DO NOT store in roll form for more than 72 hours exposed to sunlight


  1. Never cover the sheet with, or place on materials that collect heat or are good heat conductors (e.g. dark objects, metal profiles or pipes, steel sheets ect).
  2. Store the pallet horizontally, a maximum height of the sheets is 150 cm on a flat floor, or vertically, with two support bars, or if the case of circular sheets, in accordance to the minimum recommended radisu.

Figure 6: Store the sheet horizontally


Figure 7: Correct handling and Storage